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Important Information About this Site

This is the page where all the legal information and other necessary info is posted.


This web site is intended for entertainment purposes only. The Car Club Council of Central Virginia hopes that you enjoy this site. By viewing this site you are agreeing to hold the council, its officers, its delegates, its member clubs and its associate members harmless of anything that occurs due to you viewing this site.

Any technical articles are for entertainment purposes only and the council is not responsible for any accident or injury incurred by someone performing anything viewed or read on this site.

All images and text on this site are copyright the CCCCVA and all may be used by council member clubs and associate members. Others need to email and ask for permission to use the images, articles, stories and text. All images not created by members of the council are believed to be in the public domain. If any person or organization believes images or articles are owned by them; they should email the council with proof and the images or articles will be removed from this web site.


The council cares about the privacy of its members. Member email addresses are used to help communicate car hobbyist news and events. Email addresses will only be shared with other members of the council. Before anyone's email address is shared with someone other than a council member, that person will be contacted and asked for their permission.

If you wish to be removed from the council's email list just send an email stating that you wish to be removed from the mailing list to: fredfann@comcast.net and you will be removed.

The council is not responsible for anything that occurs due to the misuse of information listed on this web site.

Web Site

The council web site was placed on the Internet on December 25, 1999. The purpose of the site is to make communications between car hobbyists easier and to save the expense of printing and mailing newsletters.

This site has been improved and updated several times and will continue to be improved to better serve the needs of car hobbyists.

The webmaster is also the club president, Fred Fann. Fred is a CIW certified Master Site Designer. He is a retired mathematics, chemistry and computer technology teacher, former technology lead teacher and a former technology point of contact for a local school system. He is available for computer projects at reasonable prices. You may contact him by using the form on the contact page.

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